A year-round family cottage serving as an experiential retreat overlooking Muskoka’s lakefront

A family retreat set in Muskoka, adds a new cottage to complete a family campus set up for this generation and those that follow. The building section, a sharp, modest peaked roof with a heavy overhang, shelters the perimeter from spring rain and snowy winters and peels away to shape two sloping clerestory windows. Throughout the day, the natural lighting animates the interior, changing with the sun’s position. Inside, a large double height living space centered around a central hearth opens to the muskoka room, offering views to the lake below. The interior sits in contrast to the minimal exterior, with more crafted and textured finishes in contrast to the sharp, simple shell and presents a more intimate atmosphere. A covered outdoor spa area is nestled into the slope of the site, providing private loggia that frames the surrounding landscape.

A rendering of a cottage's facade with floor to ceiling windows and a long balcony wrapping the exterior