Architecture & Interior Design

Sage Real Estate

The office is located in a three-storey building, occupying the the full ground floor and part of the 2nd floor. It was important to the client to connect the staff over the two floors and also maintain the close company culture within a tight budget.

Real Estate is a nomadic business and the client wished for the new office to be the heart of the brand: a hub that brings agents together and clients in.

The new office space needed to support agents and provide a comfortable, open setting to enable collaboration and connection between agents – both formally and informally. It was also important that the office provide a space within which to grow the company’s culture and provide an inspiring environment.

The new office works to showcase the values of SAGE Real Estate: tailored, considered solutions to each client’s needs supported by unique and targeted strategies.

BVTa responded to this brief in two ways: first by creating a common hub at ‘the bar’ where both the ‘nomadic’ agents could come in to work and ‘resident’ agents could decamp and take a break. Around this hub smaller break out meeting spaces, phone rooms and lounge seating were distributed. This arrangemnet, similar to what one might find in an airline lounge, provides all the amenities ‘nomadic’ agents need on their stop-overs between showings and client meetings. The lounge also provides a location for the ‘nomadic’ agents and the ‘resident’ agents to gather, meet and interact with one another.

The second floor houses the offices of the ‘resident’ agents. The intent behind the layout was similar to the effect of apartment life in Paris: smaller residences drive people out to meet and gather within larger common, public amenities – effectively engaging and participating with the surrounding community.

Date Completed: 2015
Size: 1700 sf.ft.
Location: Toronto, ON
Design Team: Barbora Vokac Taylor, Leon lai
Construction Manager: Platform Building Group
Photo Credits: Scott Norsworthy: