Architecture & Interior Design

Mavericks VFX Studio

Mavericks VFX is a Visual Effects Studio that specializes in Visual Effects for craft-driven, high-quality mid-size feature films. The culture and resulting company structure is what makes Mavericks unique: Seamless collaboration between the artists and other members of the studio’s VFX team and strong integration with the Film’s overall vision. As a result, Mavericks VFX has a strong mission to create a work environment and culture that is joyful, respectful to the artist and one that fosters a sense of cooperation and excellence.

BVTa identified the main users and activities and responded by providing spaces that would enable those activities as well as enhance the work experience: collaborative, independent/focused, private, social and screening/viewing. The design approach was inspired by the “Architecture of the Everyday”, a term coined by architect Deborah Berke, that proposes an approach where design takes reference from specific places and/or people and less so from an aesthetic style or recognizable author. In this case, we used the culture at Mavericks as a reference and used very common, affordable and available materials to execute the design. Although structured around excellence in the delivered product, Mavericks has a tremendous and unique value in the relationships between the team that, in turn, gives the work meaning.

Date: 2015

Size: 1700 sq.ft.

Location: Toronto, ON

Design Team: Barbora Vokac Taylor, Leon Lai

Contractor: Memnon Management

Photo Credits: Scott Norsworthy