Architecture & Interior Design

Coach House

It was important to the client to have the two uses: a guest suite and home office, separate from one another such that “guests don’t feel like there are staying in the home office and the office doesn’t feel like it’s in a guest room”.

The open, loft-like space exposes grand views of the main house and surrounding gardens through spectacularly large windows, yet the space itself is only 670 square feet. It was important to create separate spaces for the dual-use and at the same time not compromise the airy and open quality of the space.

The function of the guest space required common elements, such as a kitchenette, sink, backsplash, bed and closet space and yet the program required them to effectively disappear when used for the office purpose.

The functions are subtly slipped into the disguised elements: closets are tucked in to the bookshelf, the reverse side of the bookshelf also works as a headboard. The Corian countertop dips discretely to form the integrated sink and the oven and fridge are concealed behind a sliding hinged door. A long slit opens at the table to allow cable access to a computer and other devices when used as an office. Thesis research and political manifestos sit quietly next to books on contemporary art and history.

Date Completed: 2015
Size: 670 sq.ft. 62.4 m2
Location: The Annex, Toronto, ON
Design Team: Barbora Vokac Taylor, Leon Lai
Contractor: Lukas Hrinco
Millwork: Lakeland Interiors
Furniture and Fixtures: Andreu World from Founded by Garcia, Ginger's, Artemide
Photo Credits: Scott Norsworthy