Architecture & Interior Design

Design Approach

Form Follows Function
Form Follows Behaviour

As a practice, we strive to identify unique elements in each project and fully develop their potential.

Our unique design approach puts people first: we create places that people want to spend their time in. Our work is about telling a story – a subtle poem suggesting and revealing what is most important and delighting those who use and experience the space.

Our process involves thorough study, observation, rigorous design and partnership with the client to create projects that are functional, innovative, beautiful and distinct.


BVTA is an OAA registered practice committed to delivering high quality design and unique work – be it a minor renovation or a new build project. We offer both architectural and interior design services for residential, hospitality, institutional and commercial projects.

We believe a successful architect is not only a good designer but also a good communicator. First and foremost, we aim to understand the project’s needs – to ensure a seamless integration of the project’s potential and ambition with the design approach.

Our services guide each of our clients through the design and construction process. We outline a clear project vision early on: one that is referred to throughout the process and used to guide decisions.

What sets us apart is our approach: guiding each client through the design process, establishing a design brief on a realistic budget and firmly managing the project. We are pleased to meet potential clients for a preliminary consultation free of charge. Once the scope of the project can be defined we are then able to provide further information on architectural and/or design services and their fees.